Smile Savers – Yearly Adult Cleaning and Maintenance Program – $472.00

Shamblott Family Dentistry’s Smile Savers Adult Cleaning and Maintenance Program provides patients without dental insurance with routine preventative dental care and discounts on most dental treatment for one low annual fee.

Smile Savers’ Advantages:

– No limitations for pre-existing conditions– No need to obtain pre-authorization
– No yearly maximums– No need to wait for treatment
– No deductibles or co-payments– No membership card needed
– No claim forms– Tailored to your unique needs

Click Here to Sign Up for Smile SaversSmile SaversServices Included With Your Smile Savers Annual Fee:

  • Two (2) routine cleanings (code 1110) per year
  • Two (2) fluoride treatments
  • One (1) four bitewing x-rays series
  • Two (2) Regular periodic exams
  • One (1) emergency exam
  • 15% savings on dental treatment (excluding IV sedation and merchandise)

Smile Savers Reduced Fee Services:

  • 15% discount on the following types of dental treatment:
    • Tooth colored fillings, crowns and bridges
    • Dentures and Partials
    • X-rays
    • Root canals
    • Extractions, including wisdom teeth
    • Mini Dental implants
    • Cosmetic care, including teeth whitening and veneers
    • Gum Disease Treatments, including scaling and root planing, arestin,
    • 6 Month Smiles
    • Comprehensive Orthodontics for adults

Dental Care Not Included In Smile Savers Annual Program Fee and Not Eligible for Discount:

  • IV Sedation Fees
  • Merchandise (e.g., electric toothbrushes, water pik, etc.)

Smile Savers Program Terms:

  • Smile Savers Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be applied to a future time, even if the participant does not utilize the program at all during the one year program participation period
  • Smile Savers Program fee must be paid in full at beginning of program period via cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) to be eligible for included and discounted treatment
  • Discounted treatment is not eligible for other discounts (e.g., cash or check discount)
  • To receive all discounts on treatment, the participant patient must remain enrolled in the Smile Savers Program throughout the course of treatment
  • Annual fees and treatment costs are subject to change to without notice
  • The Program cannot be applied retroactively to dental treatment received prior to participation
  • Included treatment cannot be transferred between family members
  • Minnesota care provider tax will be added to all treatment, whether or not eligible for discount. However, the care provider tax itself is not subject to any discount

Smile Savers Program Conditions, Limitations and Disclosures:

  • Primary applicant must be 18 years or older
  • All dental treatment is provided by Shamblott Family Dentistry only
  • The Smile Savers Program offered by Shamblott Family Dentistry is not dental insurance, a dental benefit plan, health insurance or a health benefit plan
  • This program is unrelated to, and does not meet, the minimum creditable coverage requirements under any law and is not intended to be a Qualified Health Plan under the Affordable Care Act
  • The Smile Savers Program is offered as a way to make dental care more accessible. This program cannot be used:
    • In conjunction with any other discounts, dental or health plan, or dental or health insurance
    • In treatment plans addressing any injury covered by workers’ compensation insurance, auto insurance, disability insurance, medical insurance, or where the treatment is involved, in any way, with a civil or criminal legal proceeding.
    • For treatment that, in our professional opinion, requires referral to a specialist, and treatment provided by any specialist to whom you have been referred by Shamblott Family Dentistry
    • For treatment with any dentist or specialist outside of Shamblott Family Dentistry
  • Participants are obligated to pay in full for all discounted dental treatment provided at the time of treatment