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Shamblott Family Dentistry: How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

Dental phobia can affect people of any age, background or ethnicity. It is estimated that 7 to 10 percent of adults feel very afraid of going to the dentist. Another 15 to 20 percent of adults feel somewhat fearful of going to the dentist. The majority of time these fears result from a bad experience at the dentist, which usually occurred during childhood.

Dental phobia can prevent some people from visiting the dentist. Some dental phobics would prefer to suffer from dental pain or a toothache instead of having dental work. Dental pain, infections, cavities and gum disease do not get better without dental treatment. They will continue to worsen without dental treatment. Eventually you can lose teeth or end up in the hospital with a life threatening infection.

A Child’s First Dentist Visit

It is important to set the right tone for your child’s first dentist visit.? Watch how Dr. Scott Shamblott handles this delicate process with the folks from Twin Cities Live.


See ALL of Dr. Shamblott’s Twin Cities Live Appearances

Making the Dentist fun for kids on Twin Cities Live. The habits that people develop early on in life they keep. It is very important to teach your kids how to brush and floss correctly.

Investing in Your Smile

Dr. Shamblott visited Twin Cities Live to talk about why it is important to invest in your smile. He gave some great ideas about how you can use your tax refund to improve your dental health.
Investing in root canals, crowns, or braces are a great way to improve your smile and self confidence.

Elizabeth’s Trip to Shamblott Family Dentistry

Dr. Scott Shamblott was featured on Twin Cities Live, KSTP Channel 5 television and talked with the host of the show, Elizabeth Ries. Elizabeth recently came in and had dental work done at Shamblott Family Dentistry by Dr. Shamblott. Dr. Scott and Elizabeth show you what situations you should come in and see a dentist. Watch the segment here!

How do you tell if everything is normal? If you are having pain in your mouth this is great advice from Elizabeth Ries!

How Can I Straighten my Teeth Without Braces?

6 Month Braces Shorten the Time to a Beautiful Smile. 6 month braces, the adult braces option, shorten the time it takes to get a beautiful smile. In the experienced, gentle hands of Dr. Shamblott of Shamblott Family Dentistry, adults can have a gorgeous smile with 6 month braces — the affordable, invisible orthodontic solution.

Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobia

Dental Anxiety and Dental Fear are nothing to be ashamed of and occur in many people later in life. Learn about how you can take the necessary steps to overcome your dental phobia, while enjoying music, videos and stress relieving tips during your appointment at Shamblott Family Dentistry.

Trying Sedation Dentistry for the First Time

Watch Ian from MyTalk 107.1 go to the dentist then talk about his experience with Sedation Dentistry at Shamblott Family Dentistry.

When Should I Get Braces

Elizabeth Ries from Twin Cities Live visits with Dr. Scott Shamblott of Shamblott Family Dentistry to discuss when is the best time to get braces to prevent severe crowding, pulling teeth and overbite before it becomes a problem.

Diana’s Experience at Shamblott Family Dentistry


Kathy’s Experience at Shamblott Family Dentistry

Meet Kathy, a patient at Shamblott Family Dentistry. If you are scared to death of the dentist, she knows how you feel. Hear about her experience with dental phobia and how she feels about coming to the Dentist now.