Children's DentistryDr. Scott Shamblott – A Children’s Dentist Committed to Making Children Feel Welcome and Safe

Children are always welcome at Shamblott Family Dentistry! Dr. Shamblott and the staff at Shamblott Family Dentistry enjoy working with their younger patients and try their best to make each child’s first trip to the dentist fun and relaxing. Learn more about our unique approach to your child’s dental appointment and how we help your child.

A Child’s First Dental Appointment Makes a Lasting Impression

A good first trip to the dentist can help create a positive impression that lasts a lifetime. As a parent himself, Dr. Shamblott wants all children to look forward to their visits to the dentist. A child’s first impression of a visit to the dentist makes a lasting impression. Make an appointment with Shamblott Family Dentistry so that your son or daughter’s first trip to the dentist is a good experience.

shamblott child at the dentistWe Make Children Feel Special! Our Unique Process

Dr. Shamblott and his staff created a unique, kid-centered process that gently guides your child through a dental appointment without tears. With plenty of fun, games and rewards after the appointment is over, your child will leave smiling and eager to return to Shamblott Family Dentistry for the next appointment.

Here’s what you and your child can expect when you make an appointment with Shamblott Family Dentistry.

Before the Appointment

  • Parents can complete all necessary new patient registration forms online or at home.
  • Please bring a picture ID and your insurance card with you and present it to the receptionist upon arrival, if you have insurance.

Play in the Waiting Room

  • When children arrive at Shamblott Family Dentistry, they’re greeted by a smiling and friendly receptionist.
  • After checking in with the receptionist, they can read books, color or play video games until it’s time for their appointment.

Explore the Exam Room

  • The hygienist is the first person to greet the child during the actual appointment.
  • The hygienist invites children to see their special room, while mom or dad signs the health history form and leaves the child with the hygienist.
  • Now it’s fun time! The hygienist demonstrates that the chair reclines and goes up and down and up and down.

Visit with the Hygienist

  • The hygienist counts your child’s teeth.
  • The hygienist takes X-rays (as allowed by the patient.) X-rays are usually taken after age 4.
  • Hygienist cleans your child’s teeth (as allowed by the patient.)
  • The hygienist reviews the finer points of brushing and flossing, if needed.

Meet the Dentist

  • Now it’s time for your child to meet the dentist. The dentist greets the child personally.
  • Next, the dentist conducts an examination, counts your child’s teeth, and looks at the X-rays.
  • The dentist discusses recommended treatment with the parent or guardian, if any treatment is needed.
  • The hygienist might “paint” fluoride on the child’s teeth to prevent “cavity bugs.”

Take Home Prizes and More

  • Each child receives a new toothbrush and toothpaste – and prizes to take home.

Say Goodbye and See You Again Soon!

  • Everyone says goodbye to your child and then he or she leaves, smiling and excited to come back next time!

With Movie Glasses, you can Watch Movies at the Dentist

We offer the use of virtual video/movie glasses for your enjoyment. What a great way to enjoy your dental visit. You can choose from a list of over 100 video titles or bring in your own DVD. Immersing yourself in a video, watching a virtual 80-inch screen, surrounded by stereo sound is a great way to reduce anxiety, get quality dental treatment, enjoy your dental visit and be entertained at the same time.

Shamblott Family Dentistry Offers Convenient Hours for the Whole Family

Shamblott Family Dentistry offers convenient early morning and evening hours that fit a parent’s busy lifestyle. We are open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Thursday, 7:00 am to 4:30 pm on Friday and Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm so you can bring your child in before school or after school.

Make a Children’s Dentist Appointment Today

Call (952) 935-5599 to make an appointment today or complete an appointment request online. Remember, new patients receive their first examination and X-rays (panoramic and bitewing) are free.

Shamblott Family Dentistry – the caring family dental office that loves making your child’s dental appointments fun!