Important Dental Insurance Information for Shamblott Family Dentistry

Patients often ask about the insurance plans accepted at Shamblott Family Dentistry, as well as payment methods for their dental treatment. We’ve put together this page of important information to answer your questions. Please call our office or ask the office staff any questions you may have about paying for your treatment.

In-Network Insurance Plans Accepted at Shamblott Family Dentistry

Shamblott Family Dentistry is a participating in-network provider for the following dental insurance coverage plans: (Click below for more information on individual insurance plan coverage)

Delta Dental PPO

Delta Dental Premier

Health Partners Dental PPO

Cigna Group Dental PPO (DPPO)

Met Life Dental Insurance

Call about Dentist that takes my insurance dental insurance
Call 952-935-5599 to confirm that we have a relationship with your dental insurance priovider

We work with many other plans not listed here and provide the insurance plan with any information they need about your dental treatment to help them process your claim. If a patient or procedure is out-of-network, we will still file with your insurance plan, but coverage will be based on your individual insurance plan rules, policies and procedures.

Shamblott Family Dentistry does NOT, at this time, have a contractual relationship that allows us to accept MNCare. Medical Assistance or UCare dental insurance.

Help Us Process Your Dental Insurance Claims

What dental insurance information should I bring to my first visit?

At your initial appointment, we ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes early for paperwork and registration. Once your paperwork is completed, staff will add it into our system, which includes storing your individual dental insurance plan in your account. We do require that you bring your dental insurance card to this appointment as nearly every patient’s plan is different. It is not required to bring the card to subsequent appointments unless your insurance company has sent you a new one; however, we will ask at each visit to ensure there have been no changes to your coverage.

What do I do if my dental insurance changes?

Sometimes insurance plans change, whether it’s because your employer updated the plans they offer or even something as simple as your subscriber number changing. Not all changes require the insurance company to give you notice, therefore we must ask at each visit for an update on your insurance status. This way, even the smallest change – including those you don’t know about – won’t delay your claim status.

My dental insurance claim was denied. Why?

There are many reasons that your dental insurance claim could be denied. Denials can be explained on your EOB (Explanation of Benefits). Simply reference the reason code, or call your insurance company for more details. Some common reasons for claim denials are:

  • The procedure performed is not a covered benefit (refer to your insurance handbook to ensure coverage before having any work completed)
  • Your annual maximum has been met
  • The subscriber number or group number provided to us was incorrect
  • There is a waiting period on the work you received
  • The patient’s date of birth at our office is different than what is listed at the insurance company

If your question is not answered here, please call us and we’ll be happy to assist you

There are a few things you can do to help us process your insurance claims quickly and efficiently.


  • Bring your dental insurance card and a picture ID with you

Having the required insurance card, picture identification and paperwork completed at your first appointment mean we can process your paperwork quickly.

Savings, Discounts and Payment Options

Shamblott Family Dentistry offers money-saving coupons to new patients, a discount for patients without insurance who pay with cash, and several convenient payment methods.  Check here to see more about our Financial Policy and Payment Options