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Operation Open Wide

We take our Community and Philanthropy obligations seriously here at Shamblott Family Dentistry. Each year we are involved in dozens of community based activities, we sponsor all kinds of different events and we do our best to be great corporate citizens and friendly Hopkins Neighbors,

It is in this spirit that we set aside specific times each year to give back to our community through three ongoing philanthropic efforts:

  • Dentistry from the Heart
  • Operation Open Wide
  • Halloween Candy Buy Back/ Operation Gratitude

Dentistry from the Heart

Dentistry from the Heart ShamblottDentistry from the Heart 2020

dentistry from the heart logo #2

It’s Official: Shamblott Family Dentistry will once again participate in the international charitable event, Dentistry From the Heart.  This will be the 14th year that our practice will participate in this event which serves people in need of free dental care.

“Some of our Dentistry from the Heart patients have been suffering with pain for a long time, with no means to get help, said Dr. Shamblott.  “We are proud of our staff and volunteers, making a difference in people™s lives. We love giving people a renewed reason to smile, getting them out of pain, and helping them lead happier and healthier lives.  We hope more dental clinics in the Twin Cities join this effort so even more families can be helped.”

When and Where

dentistry from the heart - Smile It's Free

This one-day event will be held on Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 starting at 7 a.m.  Every year, our dentists at Shamblott Family Dentistry provide free dental care to new patients in need on a first-come, first-served basis.  This event is for anyone who can’t afford dental treatment.  Services provided are limited to fillings and extractions.

I’m proud to have been the first dentist in the state to participate in Dentistry from the Heart, bringing this exciting event to Minnesota in 2007″ said Dr. Shamblott.  “We help entire families, adults and children in our community by offering a helping hand when they need it most”.

About Dentistry from the Heart

Shamblott Family Dentistry has donated over $300,000 worth of dental services through Dentistry from the Heart since 2007. Dentistry from the Heart is a global non-profit organization, serving tens-of-thousands of people, through hundreds of coordinated events, dedicated to providing free dental care to people in need.  DftH is headquartered in New Port Richey, Florida,

Dentistry From The HeartOther Details

Individuals seeking dental care through Dentistry from the Heart should arrive early, as the event is first-come, first-served.  The event takes place at Shamblott Family Dentistry, 33 Tenth Avenue South, Suite 250 in Hopkins and at our St Paul Office located at:  400 Selby Avenue, Suite A
St. Paul, MN 55102

All patients seeking dental care at Dentistry from the Heart should bring a complete list of their medications with them to the event.

Operation Open Wide

Operation Open Wide-logo

In 2015, Shamblott Family Dentistry created a new Community and Philanthropy event to lend a hand and to honor veterans in the Twin Cities.  At this special event, Shamblott Family Dentistry provides free treatment for veterans in need of dental services.

Operation Open Wide 2017

In July 2017, Shamblott Family Dentistry will again host veterans for diagnosis and treatment of their dental needs. More details will be provided on this page when they are available. All procedures are done at no charge to our veterans.

Operation Open WideServing Our Soldiers, Sailors and Marines

Most veterans do not qualify for Veteran™s Affairs (VA) dental benefits. Changes to VA policies are slow, leaving hundreds of thousands of veterans in need of dental procedures.  Minimal annual dental care for veterans can improve their appearance, their health, and their confidence.  This gives our veterans a better chance of securing employment and can help prevent other major health issues.  Mayo Clinic highlights serious potential health issues that can be caused by lack of dental treatment:  cardiovascular disease or heart disease, dementia, respiratory infections and diabetic complications. Visiting a dental professional regularly can protect more than just teeth. It can save a life.

Partnership with Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon organizations, American Legions, VFWs, and the County of Veterans™ Services Officers in the Twin Cities have helped locate veterans in need.    œOur veterans need support from the community and I am proud to help in the best way I can, by devoting one day to provide the dental procedures they need. said Dr. Shamblott.  œFrom simple fillings to complete dentures, the dental needs of our veterans are real and can be significant.  Hearing the amazing stories about what our veterans did while serving our country, and learning from them first hand how they were, or weren™t, welcomed back home, is very humbling.  Being able to make a difference in their lives and help them be happier and healthier is very rewarding.


Over the last two years, Shamblott Family Dentistry has provided over $110,000 of dental services to veterans.  Dr. Shamblott also hopes to enlist other dentists to join in this initiative so more veterans can be helped.

Halloween Candy Buy Back/Operation Gratitude

In 2017 Shamblott Family Dentistry will host its 9th Annual Halloween Candy Buy Back event.  Children bring us unopened Halloween candy to exchange for cash and a goody bag. Shamblott Family Dentistry donates the candy to Operation Gratitude, an organization that sends care packages to U.S. military personnel.

“Children love to go trick-or-treating on Halloween,” said Dr. Scott Shamblott. “Yet too much candy isn’t good for their teeth. By encouraging children to donate their candy to the Halloween Candy Buy Back program, parents can relax, let their kids have fun on Halloween, and donate to a worthy cause.”

Operation Gratitude Partnership

In 2016, we collected over 1,100 pounds of candy, all of which was donated to Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude has shipped over 1 million care packages to our military since 2003. Shamblott Family Dentistry has collected over 5,500 pounds of candy over the eight-year history of our participation in this fun, community event.

“It’s really a great opportunity and a win-win for everyone: the kids, parents and, of course, our troops” said Dr. Shamblott.

While our troops enjoy some of the candy, they also use the candy to make friends with locals wherever they are posted, especially children.  As one soldier said, œWe share our candy with the local kids, and they show us where the IEDs are.


Families can exchange candy for cash at Shamblott Family Dentistry, 33 Tenth Avenue South, Suite 250, in Hopkins during the two days following Halloween.  Shamblott Family Dentistry will weigh the candy and give children $1 for every pound of candy donated (up to $5.00 per child).  Children will also receive a goody bag filled with fun items. More details will be posted on this page as the event draws closer.